Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Republicans Are Right: Obamacare Is Redistribution + more

This edition has lots of news. 

1)  This spells it out very nicely how the ACA is shifting funds from the wealthy to the lower and middles classes. 

I'm a sucker for a pie chart RT : Interesting piece on who's paying for Obamacare -- with a pie chart!

More by Maggie Fox later


Health Care Exchange Is Vastly Improved, Users Say

If you don't qualify for financial help to reduce your health insurance costs, you can always apply directly to insurance companies for coverage. Prices are the same as plans through us. Learn more: http://ow.ly/rAwF0

My comment

Looks like some useful information here.  One can sign up directly with a plan or through an broker listed as authorized producers if you are not Medicaid or subsidy eligible. Do not know anything about the authorized producers.  As mentioned,  I recommend using SteveMorse.org to compare plans, etc.  Anyone know anything about the authorized producers on the list. 

Important issues raised here.  Plans are limiting drug coverage.  See also

Things you need to know about the Affordable Care Act and prescription drugs — but probably don’t

Useful  advice, plus has a photo from Saturday's enrollment fair.  More of Andrew Harrar's photos from Saturday.

If you goto www.gettyimages.com and search my name HARRER HEALTH under editorial images. You will see them all from the shoot.

5) By Maggie Fox, NBC News and a Silver Spring resident

I just instantly burst into tears': Medical worker finally gets insurance on Obamacare website

6) Baltimore Sun 
Health exchange officials face deadline for repairs

Wish  I could get them to listen to my suggestions. 


The Washington Post’s The Fix: How Does Your County Stack Up On Health Insurance? Consult This Interactive Map.

Value Penguin provides info similar to Morse but not as comprehensive, but still very useful. This is a nice chart to have. 


8 Dec  

KFF has more than 200 answers to frequently asked questions on the . Learn more about how the law will impact you

Kaiser's site looks useful.  

Updates to and How to Combat Issues Enrolling Consumers via

This has some useful advice on problems with enrollment. Not sure I buy into all. 

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  1. Updated with: How to Combat Issues Enrolling Consumers