Sunday, December 22, 2013

Yesterday's Maryland Enrollment fairs +


Emily Koechlin and I spent a couple of hours at the Germantown Center yesterday. Long line of applicants who were in various stages of the application process.  I would guess at least 60 by the time I left at noon. Unfortunately, shortly after we started, it was determined that those who did not have accounts could not be created at the time. Those who did have accounts, the navigators could proceed with.  Most did not have accounts. Most folks were pretty patient, but a couple of them were understandably upset as they have been trying a number of times to work the system.  Several folks could not wait and asked for appointments.  The first 8 requests were provided appointments for Monday morning at the Germantown center,

Mark Ferrenz and several volunteers worked the Silver Spring center and everything worked smoothly there from what he told me.   Wonder why the difference. 

Fortunately, Maryland has extended the enrollment deadline to 12/27 and I understand that they hope to extend until 12/31. 

2) Kaiser Family Found (@KaiserFamFound) tweeted at 10:04am - 21 Dec 13:

ICYMI: Analysis estimates number of people eligible for #ACA tax credits in each state #obamacare

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