Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Countdown to the end of the first enrollment phase

1) Alert from Maryland Health Connection: Your health coverage is waiting!

Last minute advice for Maryland's exchange.  Kaiser and Evergreen will accept enrollments up to 12/31, Blue Cross and United up to 12/27. This is not well known.  I did receive this email today as I created accounts for testing purposes.  Surprised it did not come sooner.  Maryland still has problems but slowly getting better. 

Seems like enrollment signups has increased dramatically nationwide. 

2) POLITICO.com: HHS offers help for people who miss Obamacare deadline

Health care site put to the test as deadline nears

Obamacare enrollment in private plans tops 600k in 4 states alone.calif, ny, Ky and wash.

3) ACA state exchange premiums

4) Migration Patterns for Medicaid Enrollees 2005–2007

David K. Baugh and Shinu Verghese, Mathematica Policy Research, from a former CMS colleague now with MPR.  

5) Watch out, some #Obamacare plans make you pay thousands out of pocket before full coverage kicks in: khne.ws/19IYRTD

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