Friday, December 6, 2013

Simplified Medicaid Enrollment + more

1) 4m
: Simplified Medicaid Enrollment? Read more from

Glad to see, I have suggested this for a couple of months. Seemed obvious solution.  Hope even more Medicaid folks can enter this way.  

On another front, at a Capital Regional Connector meeting today, several of the connector agencies and their navigators said morse's site is very helpful.,

An Owner Figures Out How to Save on His Health Insurance

3) Healthy Young America Video Contest: Winners and finalists

4) Maryland Health Connection Update 120613

Useful info.  However, Maryland has a lot of changes and improvements to make. Hope they listen to my suggestions.  


Obamacare causes involuntary part-time employment to plummet in November

I think good news along with the other employment data.  

RT : Court blocks UnitedHealthcare from dropping CT doctors from Medicare Advantage plans

Seems like important progress. 

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