Thursday, November 14, 2013

A better website; Reactions to Obama Policy Change

1) A better web site

MDCoalition4Health (@MDWomen4Health) tweeted 14 Nov 13:  From ABC News

3 Guys, 3 Days to Build a Better Obamacare Website

This is a good website, but nowhere nears as good as Steve Morse.  I understand an article maybe published tomorrow on Morse's site. Stay tuned.  See previous blog    for Morse's site. 

 2) Change in cancellation policy

a) Charles Ornstein (@charlesornstein) tweeted at 3:03pm - 14 Nov 13:

Throwing cold water on the president's announcement. Blunt words:

b) Sarah Kliff (@sarahkliff) tweeted at 3:51pm - 14 Nov 13:

Full statement from Washington's insurance commissioner - refusing the administration's Obamacare fix - here.

c) Sarah Kliff (@sarahkliff) tweeted at 3:37pm - 14 Nov 13:

If you're confused by this Obamacare fix what not, here's an explainer we just put up that should help.

d) Ezra Klein (@ezraklein) tweeted at 1:34pm - 14 Nov 13:

Insurers are furious about the White House’s new Obamacare plan:


The Obama Pledge on Keeping Your Insurance

This is a well done defense.

f) 15m
Best health care system?

f) 35m
Insurers Say Delaying Cancellations Is Risky, Maybe Unfeasible

Know of two states saying they won't comply with Obamacare fix (AR, WA) and three that will (CA, FL, KY). Know of others? Flag me!

h)NYT:  A Contrite Obama Unveils a Health Fix

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