Friday, November 1, 2013

The Chart That Could Save Obamacare; 31 things about the website; +

Today's blog contains a variety of articles and information sources.  An awful lot of interesting material, perhaps because it is the end of the first month. 

1) The Chart That Could Save Obamacare

2) Sarah Kliff (@sarahkliff) tweeted at 2:29pm - 1 Nov 13:
 Thirty-one things we learned in’s first 31 days
My comment:  Not totally balanced, too critical in my mind, but contains a useful summary of some key points.  

3) Troubled Start for Health Law Has Democrats Anxious

4) 14m
New: Table shows web traffic, calls, and application stats for state-run marketplaces

Shows at least 133,000 enrolled

5)  7m
A month in to , real-life winners and losers. My Tumblr:

7)  Obama gets more tech help to fix healthcare site 

8) Kaiser Health News (@KHNews) 1 Nov 13:

Insurers Seek To Explain The Factors Behind Wave Of Health Plan Cancellations 

9) Maryland Health Connection 11/1/13 Update

10) Cute video from OFA (Organizing for Action)

  "We need to talk."

11)  New and Updated Resources Look at the Uninsured and the Affordable Care Act  From KFF

Key Facts about the Uninsured Population

The Uninsured: An Interactive Tool  

12) Why State Exchange Sites Worked While The Federal Site Faltered 

13) Florida Insurer Says It Didn't Drop Customers, Just Insurance Plans  

14) Details Emerge About Key Fixers In 'Tech Surge' To Address Website Issues  


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