Thursday, November 28, 2013 tech team scrambling to create workaround for site before deadline; Maryland also


1) tech team scrambling to create workaround for site before deadline

As discussed before, Steve Morse's site would be the ideal site to use in this situation.  Zeke Emanuel in Politico:  Who needs  Easy to use planfinder sites. 

In this Politico article, Andrew Steinmetz and Zeke Emanuel discuss easy to use websites to aid in plan selection.  Zeke Emanuel was amazed with what he found using Morse’s site.  I have written about this site earlier. See Morse’s site will tell you the costs of the plans, premium subsidy, quality ratings, and provider participation, etc. for all 50 states and D.C.  Morse can easily make additions to this site.  Morse’s site is 

His site also presents all the plan options in one table. No other site has all that information and in one convenient table. And you can change the parameters very easily, e.g, change the state, etc.  

2) WaPo

O’Malley promises tech fixes to Maryland’s health insurance exchange

The above comments re Steve Morse's site apply to Maryland's site as well.  

WaPo editorial Board: Maryland’s health exchange needs a doctor  

The Post editorial board comes down very hard on Brown.  I have offered my suggestions. Hope they listen.  



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