Thursday, November 21, 2013

White House: Insurers must Provide Adequate Info to Consumers; More on Plan Comparisons; +

1) The White House (@WhiteHouse) tweeted at 4:22pm - 21 Nov 13:

Insurers must now give consumers info on:
1. Coverage options
2. #Obamacare protections
3. Keeping existing plans  

2) Here are more thoughts to follow up on my blog yesterday

I understand that the White House is seriously considering allowing insurers to directly enroll consumers into the ACA plans.  While there is merit to this approach, I think it is essential that consumers be provided with complete information on all the different plan options that exist. Further, this information allow them to make choices as to the best plans to serve their needs in terms of plan options, costs, quality, choice of doctor, etc.  The best site to provide comprehensive information on all these factors has been developed by Steve Morse.  Zeke Emanuel, whom as you may know, was a key architect of the ACA, has praised Morse's site (see More on: With Insurers able to enroll, plan comparisons are essential ).  I highly recommend that NAIC support the use of a comprehensive website for all such information and that they give strong consideration to advocating the use of Morse's site.  Further, it would be useful if the White House made use of his site, especially given the problems that exist with and with a number of the states, such as Maryland, which are also having problems. 

3) NY Times -- G.O.P. Maps Out Waves of Attacks Over Health Law 

4) Families USA 

How Does the Affordable Care Act Affect People Who Buy Health Insurance in the Individual Market? 

New Families USA study estimates that 70 percent of people in individual market will qualify for Obamacare help.


Time: Obama's Race for the Cure 

6) Urban Institute 

Stabilizing Premiums Under the Affordable Care Act: State Efforts to Reduce Adverse Selection 

7) New Yorker 
American Health Care: Too Much, Too Late?

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