Monday, November 11, 2013

Detailed Status of State health insurance marketplaces; more positive in some States; + more

1) State marketplaces.

Some important results from the states. . 

a)  The Commonwealth Fund Connection

Survey of Experiences with Marketplaces in October: Americans Needing Coverage Are Determined to Keep Trying

b) Kaiser Family Found (@KaiserFamFound) Nov 13:

What is your state’s status when it comes to health insurance marketplaces/exchanges?

New York insurance exchange tells me 23,950 have completed apps and picked private plans as of today. 23,235 have signed up for Medicaid.

d) MDCoalition4Health (@MDWomen4Health) 11 Nov 13:

Maryland's Health Care Reform Updates #constantcontact

e) In contrast,  the federal exchange is doing poorly as is well known

The First Estimate On Insurance Signups Is Pretty Darned Small


One in 10 veterans lacks health insurance. Obamacare could change that.

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