Friday, November 8, 2013

More on Obama's Apology and Steve Morse's website; and other news

1) More on Obama's apology

Kaiser Health News has a complete list of articles

Obama Apologizes For His 'You Can Keep It' Promise 

Mother Jones: The Real Story Behind the Phony Canceled Health Insurance Scandal

This is a well done response on this issue.  Provides good fuel for Obama to use. 

2) I am getting lots of positive feedback on Steve Morse's website which I shared with you yesterday.  Several folks have used it and been very impressed.  Further, it has been forwarded to some key persons in Washington.  I welcome further feedback and encourage others to share it widely and to recommend it to key policy makers both in Washington and in individual states such as Maryland.

Steve got some of his data from Value Penguin.  Anyone know where they got their state data?  

3) Other news

Officials Acknowledge New Capacity Problems With

USA Today Reports 140,000 People Have Enrolled In Plans On Marketplaces Run By 13 States

Small Businesses, Too, Are Getting Insurance Cancellation Notices

Rules Affirm Equal Status for Mental-Health Care - Washington Wire - WSJ

Small Employer Perspectives On The Affordable Care Act's Premiums, SHOP Exchanges, And Self-Insurance

Obamacare by the numbers: A quick guide to cut through some of the recent months' rhetoric.

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