Friday, November 8, 2013

Insurance Cancellation letters, Obama apologizes

1) I did a google search on health insurance cancellation letters.  Here is some of what I came up with. 

2) Obama apologizes

NYT: Obama Apologizes to Americans Dropped by Insurers 

Watch Chuck Todd's full interview with President Obama 

"In a wide-ranging interview with NBC's Chuck Todd, President Obama discusses implementation of the Affordable Care Act, rollout of the healthcare website, NSA spying, Iran and keeping Joe Biden as his running mate."


Obama Apologizes for Policy Cancellations


 3) Other news items


Beware of Scams Targeting Medicare Recipients and Health

b) Sarah Kliff 

Have you been shopping on the health exchanges? would like to know! Share your experience here.

c) Charles Ornstein @charlesornstein

In California, the insurance industry was a driving force to ensure policies would be canceled on Dec. 31. My story:…

Kudos to the many volunteers and organizations that contributed to the Third Annual Homeless Resource Day today!

My notes:  Montgomery County held a

Homeless Resource Day 2013 on 11/7/13 in Gaithersburg, MD.  This event offered a wide range of service providers including ACA navigators from 3 of the Capital Region Connectors. Here are my photos from the first hour of the event.  As can be seen in the last of the photos there were many organizations present, a fair number of clients, and a great number of volunteers.  Photos



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