Sunday, November 3, 2013

Washpost: How a start-up failed to launch

1) Washpost: How political fear was pitted against technical needs

From Charles Ornstein:  The @washingtonpost story is a devastating picture of how the White House repeatedly put politics ahead of policy. This is not an encouraging story to read about.  Comments?   

When I reflect on this, and certainly did not think about this until now, it makes sense.  The folks at the White House, HHS and CMS were and are policy folks, etc and not computer people.  They would not have thought about these issues.  Easy to have hindsight, but for something this complicated, would have been good to have top people in the systems development world involved.  Where was the National Health Information Technology person in this process.  Perhaps they should have hired the top firm for this kind of work and not 55 separate contractors.  Hope they have picked a good person and firm to do this now.  

Update: How a start-up failed to launch

This is the online version of what was in the print edition this morning.  It has photos.  The material posted at the beginning of this article was in an online version last night but was updated for the print edition.    

Update 2:  14m
2010 Cutler Obamacare memo: "process broken" "little confidence" "not up to task" "concrnd reform will be unsuccesfl"
This memo written in May 2010, lays out many key problems.  As it is, it does not focus on the systems issues which have turned out to be the biggest problems.  

Please let me know your thoughts on all of this.  

2) 9m
Obama's handling of a legit story. So is this: What’s Really Obstructing Obamacare? GOP Resisters

Very worthwhile article.  

3) 55m
Minnesota Reaches Out To Uninsured Latinos, Wherever They Are

4) Health Reform Means Transition to More Secure Coverage in Individual Market

Well done article by CBPP staff on positive aspects of reform.   
5) Will update during the day if more key articles are posted and time permits. Will inform via the comments section. 


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