Thursday, November 21, 2013

More on: With Insurers able to enroll, plan comparisons are essential

I discussed this somewhat yesterday, (
My suggestions re Post article on Maryland Health Connection  but want to highlight this.  The White House is about to approve a policy in which insurers can directly enroll folks into the Affordable Care Act. (ACA).  These companies will sign folks up for their particular policies. 

Given these circumstances, I feel it is critical that potential enrollees have an opportunity to compare all plans in their states as to costs, subsidies, quality ratings, and doctors in their plan.  That way they can determine which plan is best for them and not be at the mercy of the insurers. Steve Morse's site is the best one to provide all that information and it does it in the simplest way possible.  I urge that the word be gotten out to the public on the use of this site.  I have been doing my best to get the word out, but not getting any traction.  Zeke Emanuel blogged about this and Kaiser Health News carried an article on his blog. You cannot do much better than Zeke as he was a key architect in the ACA for the White House.  However, somehow that has not done the trick. See Zeke Emanuel in Politico: Who needs Easy to use planfinder sites and Highly Recommended Plan Finder Site with Premium, Subsidy and Quality Information

I am also frustrated that I have not gotten any response from State officials to my suggestions in

My suggestions re Post article on Maryland Health Connection  

Welcome any assistance or suggestions in this regard. 

2) In other news

a) From KFF  Obamacare and You
Obamacare and You is a series of one-page papers explaining how the Affordable Care Act, also known as “Obamacare,” will affect different groups of people.

b) WaPo (WashPost)  tweets

This is how Obama plans to un-cancel insurance policies

This chart is amazing news for our health cost problem

Cost rises at all time low.

c) Charles Ornstein (@charlesornstein)  20 Nov 13:

These pieces add up. My Obamacare Cancellation


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